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      use scenarios follow your heart
      • Pure Natural

      • Fully degradable

      • Refrigerable

      • High temperature resistant

      • Heatable

      Enjoy happy time, share wonderful life with you!
      Environmental protection and fashion go hand in hand
      open your healthy life


      The way to simplicity, the creation of ingenuity

      News & Event
      Who I Am

      Zhejiang Enjoy&Wonderful Inc. was established in 2004. Our company specialize in producing and selling all kinds of tableware for parties, kitchenware and upholstery fabrics.etc. It is a modern production enterprise integrating Research and Development.

      Date Center
      Zhejiang Enjoy&Wonderful Inc. has built an intelligent control center. Our company have go from automation, informatization and digitization to intelligence. The manufacturing equipment for the degraded plant fiber are the foundation from the subsequent production into intelligent manufacturing. Now the equipment is not only for ourself use but also sales to other parts of world.
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